DynamicsCon Live May 2024

Supercharge GP Using the FREE Macro Replicator!


Amber Bell

Amber Bell

Veteran DynamicsCon Presenter Skill-Up Instructor
John Arnold

John Arnold

Premiering Content First Time DynamicsCon Presenter

Session Description

Amber Bell & John Arnold are back, this time together, so you can quit spinning your wheels! If updating information in Dynamics GP makes you feel like you’re stuck in the mud, learn how to supercharge your GP experience by creating MEGA-Macros using the FREE Macro Replicator. We’ll start in first gear with Amber showing you macro basics. Next, we will hit turbo boost and John will show you a free tool (that he designed) to create macros to update and create new transactions and records inside GP in seconds! Buckle your seatbelts and go into overdrive with the best session at DynamicsCon LIVE for learning how to save time and money!

Session Track: Dynamics GP
Session Type: Functional
Content Level: Beginner
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