DynamicsCon Live May 2024

How Can We Get Them to Forecast When They Won’t Even Budget?


Zubin Gidwani

Zubin Gidwani

First Time DynamicsCon Presenter

Session Description

You’re not alone! Budgeting and Forecasting can be brutal – come prepared to share & learn best practices with your colleagues. We’ll explore simplifying your budget process & improving manager involvement. How can they share enough details to make it feel like their own? Do you budget with enough precision to generate monthly variance reports? Are variances condemned, simply stated, or do you actively re-forecast to make course corrections? Should you physically allocate or just allocate in reporting? Can you adjust reporting and reclass expenses before the month-end close? Join this thorough session and learn to master your budgeting process.

Session Track: Dynamics GP
Session Type: Functional
Content Level: Beginner
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