DynamicsCon Live November 10 & 11, 2021


Business Central Sessions - DynamicsCon Live

Business Central Sessions

AJ Ansari


Bring your BC Built-In Report questions to AJ, and he’ll be ready with the detailed answers.

Steven Chinksy

Wipfli LLP

Steve is a Manufacturing mastermind!

Shawn Dorward

Dynamic Consulting

The creator of the famous Lifehacks sessions, Shawn is ready to share his experience to make BC easier for you.

Steve Endow

Precipio Services

Give Steve a listen, he’s engaging and informative skills make sense of all those BC challenges.

Tanya Henderson


Tanya is the Wonder Woman of Training, get ready to learn.

Kristen Hosman

Mount Evans Consulting

If you are looking for someone with as much BC passion as you, Kristen is your Super Woman.

Erik Hougaard

E Foqus Canada

Erik will bring the applicable Knowledge of the North all the way from Vancouver, Canada!

Shannon Mullins


Shannon comes prepared with the BC Skills and a flare of Nashville fun.

Mary Thompson

Bam Boom Cloud

Bam! Boom! It’s Mary! Community Evangelist ready to share her product knowledge with you.

Customer Engagement Sessions - DynamicsCon Live

Customer Engagement Sessions

Chad Althaus

Bray International, Inc.

Chad’s product passion is using low-code technologies to simplify, streamline, and improve the lives of others.

Kylie Kiser

Hitachi Solutions America

With Seven (7) Microsoft Certifications, Kylie is excited to share her BC roadmap highlights with you.

Liz McGlennen


Liz has over ten (10) years of D365 experience and is ready to talk Sales, Marketing, & Customer Engagement.

Michael Ochs

Exalents Solutions

Michael is ready to share his superpowers for identifying The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly within CE.

Merlin Schwaiger 

Boyer & Associates

Merlin is ready to be your tour guide through CE and show you all the highlights along the way.

Ashley Steiner

Flex Technology Group

Ashley is a Superhero Systems Admin., and has plenty of stories to help guide your CE journey.

Finance & Operations Sessions - DynamicsCon Live

Finance & Operations

Ian Jensen

Ian Jensen


Ian is a long-time community contributor as he educates and learns alongside members every day.

Rachel Profitt

Rachel Profitt


This YouTube extraordinaire is ready to teach you her F&O superpowers.

Alex Meyer


Director of Microsoft Software Development

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